Which Is the Best Mount Set For Saltwater Trolling Motor?

There is a comprehensive range of trolling motors available on the market now. Moreover, there are too many options that it can confuse you to decide which is the best trolling motor and very importantly, what will best work for your application. Deciding how to select a trolling motor has more to do with your particular requirements and your current fishing rig. There are several features to consider while choosing a trolling motor, which includes the boat size, the available battery space, and the depth of water you are fishing and where you are mounting it. Even the type of fishing electronics being used can make a huge difference in your option, particularly while you want to connect your trolling motor to the mapping abilities of your electronics.

Size of The Boat

The boat size will go a long way in deciding what kind of trolling motor you wish to put on your boat. For example, a 55-lb, 12-volt thrust motor will possibly be all that you want when you have kayaked or a sixteen-foot aluminum boat. Some anglers are comforted with the 24-volt motor with larger boats, but comprehend that, particularly in the severe condition like strong currents or big winds; the smaller motors would run short of battery earlier than you are done fishing for the day.

Not just the size, the weight of the boat will also determine the thrust required from the motor. Moreover, the weight of the boat, when known, is a much better determinant. The issue, although, is that most of the boaters are not assured of the weight of their vessel, particularly when it was not purchased new.We have highly recommended www.trollingbatteryguides.com which helps to select right mount for your trolling motor.

Available space

The trolling motors come out in 12, 24 and 36 voltage batteries. This refers that they are powered by 1, 2, or 3 marine batteries of 12-volt. If you are choosing between a 12 and 24 voltage or 24 and 36 voltage, the amount of space being available for the batteries will help you in making that decision.

Ideally, you may make your decision based on the weight and size, but most of the boats just don’t have the necessary space for 3 batteries. Hence the angler would want to rethink in choosing the kayak trolling motor mount. When you have a boat, which is right over the line and either the smaller or larger volt motor will be perfect, then you will be probably fine with either.

Deciding mount of the Trolling motor

There are two distinct kinds of trolling motors when it comes to mounting. One is a bow mount, and the other is a transom mount. Based on your boat as well as your fishing style, one is most likely suitable than the other. A trolling motor that is transom mounted is usually mounted on the back transom of the boat. The transom mount motor is activated by hand using a twist-style handle. They operate very well on smaller boats and also boats which have a flat back. The bow mounted motors tend to be highly expensive but provide a greater range of benefits and features. These kinds of trolling motors can be foot controlled using a foot pedal or also controlled wirelessly.