Difference Between Laptop Backpack And School Backpack

Whenever I see a school backpack, I remember my golden memories of the school time. I still remember my bag was much ordinary with two shoulder straps with no additional designs, but now, there are plenty of designers, and colorful school backpacks are there that add excitement in the school life of your kids. There many types of backpack are available in the marketĀ  online shopping is the best way for choose all types of backpack. Couples of years ago, backpacks are used to store only books, but now, there are numerals types of backpacks are there that allow us to store plenty of stuff in it. For example, travel backpack, laptop backpack, school bag, tracking bags, and so on. All these backpacks have their different specifications and requirements, which you should have to consider as per your need.

Back to school

Today I am going to describe the laptop backpacks and school backpacks including their specifications and features as well.

School Backpack

School backpack has several features, which is as follows:

  • Size: School backpacks are big in size and also include plenty of space that allows you to store dozens of books into it. It comes in different sizes, which may consider as per your necessities.
  • Pockets: Some designs of the backpack come along with pockets where you store your small stuff like geometry box, lunch box and as well as water bottle.
  • Shoulder Straps: Backpack is also holding Shoulder straps that are used to balance the load of the books on your shoulders. These straps are made of durable material so that kids can handle it easily. It also includes powerful zippers that enhance its flexibility and durability as well.

Laptop Backpack

Now, we are going to discuss about the laptop backpack and their specifications, which as follows:

  • Size: As it name says, it is used to store the laptop in the bag. You can store 15 inches or smaller size laptop into it. Some backpack can also hold 17 inches laptop into this bag. You can save two laptops at a time in large size bags, but it would be good to store one laptop at one time to avoid any breakage or damage of the laptop.
  • Pockets: Laptop backpack also contains pocket to shelter your stuff, but remember that some backpacks do not come with pockets. So, it is up to you that you need a pocket in your backpack or not.
  • Designs: Laptop backpack comes in a variety of designs. Some may offer you shoulder straps and other may not. Some backpack offers versatility to remove sleeve of the laptop backpack. In short, you can attach the sleeves as per your requirement. Laptop backpack also designed with robust quality material so that it can offer you durability to work last long.

    Ogio Bandit Laptop Backpack Loaded

You can also use school backpack to store laptop as well, but it depends on the design of the backpack. It would be good if you purchase a different bag for a different purpose because it can lead you to the durability of your backpack and your stuff as well.

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